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Adult Players Wanted

Our Premier Level Adult Pan-disABILITY team is currently looking for players. Whilst this team forms part of our Football FOR ALL section it is of a high standard and as such players are required to trial for a place. The team will be playing in the South East Pan-Disability League which is an 11-aside league and includes teams from clubs such as AFC Bournemouth, Sutton United, and Slough Town. Further information on Pan-Disability Football can be found in the Q&A below. For more information on the team please see the attached flyer or get in touch by emailing Daniel.Hammocks@motspurparkcfc.com.

We are also keen to expand the number of opportunities available to adults in our Football FOR ALL section by catering for a greater range of abilities by creating a 7-aside Championship Level team. We have a volunteer coach keen to get involved, we just need more participants to make this possible!

This entire project is currently being supported through various funding grants and income from our soccer schools and we are hopeful that this project will continue to be externally supported to ensure that footballing opportunities are accessible to everyone in our community. Part of this project will also focus on upskilling young people not in education, employment, or training (NEET) in the football sector by providing them with training and voluntary experience as we aim to provide football as part of a holistic support service.

So if you, or someone you know, might be interested in joining our Adult Pan-Disability setup please pass on the flyer or get in touch!

Daniel Hammocks

Motspur Park CFC Chairperson

Common Questions and Answers:

Who is Pan-Disability Football For? Pan-Disability Football is a format that enables players with a broad spectrum of impairments and health conditions to play together. These could be physical disabilities, mental health challenges, or neurodivergent/learning differences. There is an exception for blind players and players who need mobility aids who are generally directed towards impairment specific disability football for player safety.

Can you make adaptations for my needs? Yes, the club will do its best to support all of our players with their physical, mental, psychological or learning needs. Whilst competitive, our team fosters a positive, supporting, and welcoming environment which we are keen to maintain. The coaches will also work hard to ensure that any appropriate adaptations are made for each individual where possible.

What do the levels mean? Premier level: players participating at this level are able to cope physically, have good levels of spatial awareness, excellent ability to understand tactics and good levels of physical strength and fitness.
Championship level: players participating at this level are mobile, have spatial and tactical awareness, knowledge of the laws of the game and have a good level of fitness.
League level: players participating at this level have limited mobility, spatial awareness and fitness.

Why do I have to trial for a Pan-Disability Team? Trials are important because of the various levels of ability amongst pan-disability football and we want to ensure that everyone is playing at a level suitable for themselves in order to ensure an enjoyable and competitive environment. The purpose of trials in our pan-disability setup is also not to focus solely on ability but to review the individuals ability to fit within the group.

What Leagues will the Adult teams play in? Our premier level team will play in the South East Pan-Disability league which is a competitive regional 11-aside league which will play every other week. Our 7–aside teams will play in the Sussex Disability League which hosts a 7-aside format once a month on the first Sunday of the month.

Does the club have opportunities for younger people with disabilities? Yes! We have Under 8 and Under 12 Pan-Disability groups. Click here to view the relevant page of our website.

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