Training Sessions

Recreational Opportunities

Inclusive, welcoming, and stigma free football sessions for adults (of any gender) dealing with neurodivergent or mental health challenges. These sessions are currently FREE for participants!

  • Motspur Football For Well-Being (18+) - Mondays 18:30-19:30

If you’re interested in joining in with one of our training sessions and have not attended before please click the button below to sign-up. Once you have signed up you’re good to attend our next training session. If you would like more information prior to signing up get in touch and someone will be happy to help!

Competitive Opportunities

In addition to our recreational opportunities we run a number of competitive pan-disability opportunities. These sessions are led by FA Qualified Coaches and are match play focused designed to prepare players participating in our competitive teams.

  • Motspur Football For All PREMIER (18+) - Mondays 18:30-19:30
  • Motspur Football For All CHAMPIONSHIP (18+) - Mondays 18:30-19:30

If you’re interested in joining one of our competitive training sessions please click the button below to request a trial. All applicants are offered a three session trial.

Adult Teams

We run a variety of Adult Pan-Disability teams that cater for a variety of ability levels providing both competitive and recreational opportunities. Adult Pan-Disability Teams are graded based on three levels further information for which can be found in the Q&A Section below. 

Our Adult Pan-Disability Setup has been graciously funded by partner organisations and sponsored by local business meaning we are able to offer this opportunity for free. All kit, training, and match costs have been covered for the 2024/25 season.

Premier Level 11-aside Team

Our Premier Level 11-aside team participates in the South East Pan-Disability Football League. This team is of a high standard and play in a competitive league. Players are required to trial for a place.

Premier Level 7-aside Teams

Our Premier Level 7-aside teams participate in the Sussex Disability Football League. Matches are held at Lancing FC on the first Sunday of every month. Travel is provided by the club for participants.

Championship Level 7-aside Team

Our Championship Level 7-aside team participates in the Sussex Disability Football League. Matches are held at Lancing FC on the first Sunday of every month. Travel is provided by the club for participants.

Question & Answers

Who is Pan-Disability Football for?

Pan-Disability Football is a format that enables players with a broad spectrum of impairments and health conditions to play together. These could be physical disabilities, mental health challenges, or neurodivergent/learning differences. There is an exception for blind players and players who need mobility aids who are generally directed towards impairment specific disability football for player safety.

Can you make adaptations for my needs?

Yes, the club will do its best to support all of our players with their physical, mental, psychological or learning needs. Whilst competitive, our team fosters a positive, supporting, and welcoming environment which we are keen to maintain. The coaches will also work hard to ensure that any appropriate adaptations are made for each individual where possible.

What do the levels mean?

 Premier level: players participating at this level are able to cope physically, have good levels of spatial awareness, excellent ability to understand tactics and good levels of physical strength and fitness.

Championship level: players participating at this level are mobile, have spatial and tactical awareness, knowledge of the laws of the game and have a good level of fitness.

League level: players participating at this level have limited mobility, spatial awareness and fitness.

Can I play in the 11-aside and 7-aside Teams?

Players in our 11-aside team are eligible, and actively encouraged, to play in both our 11-aside and 7-aside teams. Fixtures will be arranged to ensure that there is no clash.

Why do I have to trial for a Pan-Disability Team?

Trials are important because of the various levels of ability amongst pan-disability football and we want to ensure that everyone is playing at a level suitable for themselves in order to ensure an enjoyable and competitive environment. The purpose of trials in our pan-disability setup is also not to focus solely on ability but to review the individuals ability to fit within the group.